Aaron Crane: Paintings Come Alive

Aaron Crane: Paintings Come Alive [FINAL]| 184 MB

Find Aaron’s missing father and discover the meaning behind his eerie paintings in Aaron Crane: Paintings Come Alive! Aaron’s father paints spooky images from his subconscious and no one seems to know what they mean. Suddenly, he disappears and it’s up to Aaron to track him down! Finding an address on one of the paintings, Aaron has found his first clue and must now go on an amazing adventure in this incredible Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game.

*Explore eerie paintings
*Scour gorgeous locations
*Find Aaron’s missing father!

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Mother Nature

Mother Nature [FINAL]|51.5 MB

Help Autumn rescue her fairy friends and stop the Spirit of Gloom in Mother Nature, an exciting Strategy game! Destroy the plants that the evil spirit has left and replace them with peaceful flowers that dissipate the gloom. Restore the forest and rescue the cute critters that are being tormented by the polluting plants and save the day! Pick up trash, dig up the weeds, and save the other fairies in Mother Nature!

Free the other fairies
Destroy the devilish weeds
Stop the Spirit of Gloom!

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Leah's Tale

Leah's Tale [FINAL] | 66 MB

In a quiet little village there's a party planned and one young girl has a big birthday treat in store for her. With her family and friends about her Leah stands no chance of knowing how this day will transform her life forever. From land, to deep underground, to high above Estis you can adventure with Leah as she makes startling discoveries about herself, her identity and the true nature of those around her.

*Explore new villages, meet both familiar and new faces, make new friends and join a story that is far bigger than would ever have been realised at first.
*Chose from four game modes (Story, Easy, Normal or Hard) and try to find the multiple endings.
*With dozens of side quests, so many secrets and treats to uncover - the world of Estis awaits you!

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Great Little War Game : A Strategy pc game

Great Little War Game

Take command of your army and battle the foe on land, sea, and air in Great Little War Game! Make wise decision s as you go and take full advantage of higher terrain, natural choke points, ambush spots, and defensive walls. Get it right and the bad guys will crumble before your Strategy skills. Try out multiple modes and defeat your enemies in Great Little War Game!

Game Features:
• Multiple game modes
• Amazing 3D terrain
• Battle your enemies!

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Girl with a Heart of

Girl with a Heart of - 139 MB

Beneath the planet's surface, you have to cast aside your assumptions. Darkness is not your enemy, but Light's army is about to reduce your town to ash. In this 2D adventure game, take the role of Raven, an eleven year old girl, who learns that she is the key piece in stopping the inevitable destruction of her town. Now, she has to understand the unfolding events, struggle to solve the challenges facing her, and define herself through difficult choices that will have far-reaching consequences. As Raven, you will interact with multiple interesting characters, explore a beautiful fantasy world, make lasting decisions, learn Dark magic, and, if you are clever enough, gain infinite power.

Key features:
Lots and lots of captivating dialog.
Fascinating new fantasy world.
Beautiful and unique art style.
Multiple complex characters with dynamic personalities that respond to your choices.
Interesting and challenging discussion topics.
Multiple endings based on your decisions.


Password: www.2baksa.net
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Three Dead Zed

Three Dead Zed | 57.7 MB

It's no secret the government wants to weaponize the dead. Just look at how many zombie games there are! But this time, it's all different. You are the project. You are the zombie. Unlike the thousands of other zombies, you're a bit smarter. You don't just run about aimlessly looking for your next meal.
You can understand speech and can take orders. Project Z.E.D. has finally broken through and made a zombie into a potential weapon. In addition to understanding, you are imbued with the ability to change form, switching between zombie abilities.
*You Play the zombie
*Change into two other zombies
*Multiple paths and secret locations
*Bizarre comedy
*Controller support
*Cats in tin foil hats!

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